Seed Sovereignty

Seed sovereignty, meaning the public control of seeds, is becoming globally recognized as vital to the regular function of society. With private companies becoming more and more interested in profiting from genetic ownership it seems now even more important to provide a means of genetic variety. This should be available to all gardeners and farmers. This is why we save seeds.

By maintaining varieties of plants easily reserved by seed -- non-hybridized, open-pollinated varieties -- we can help continue a lifeline available to anyone who has space for growing. This is how we can determine what grows well in our region. Then we can save and share.

A seed-bank is a great learning experience for all involved. Not only would it provide the community with seeds, when available, but also information. It could become self-sustaining once enough experience and growing space are involved in the project. This will require the time and know-how of community members.

Volunteers would not only be immersed in sowing, growing, and collecting seeds but also could be focused on issues pertaining to politics and agriculture. We can set a forum not only to share seeds but ideas.

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